AH UPDATES   14.08.26-health-read-to-remember-switch-to-paper READ TO REMEMBER: SWITCH TO PAPER Recent studies suggests that it is easier to remember basic details from hard paper copies than digital copies. 14.08.24-proof-radiation-is-harming-the-pacific-ocean PROOF RADIATION IS HARMING THE PACIFIC The two videos that prove that Fukushima Radiation is affecting Pacific Marine life. 14.08.24-health-cdc-fraud-uncovered-risk-of-autism-from-vaccines-hidden-from-public CDC FRAUD UNCOVERED: RISK OF AUTISM FROM VACCINES HIDDEN FROM PUBLIC A fraud at the CDC has been uncovered, there's a possible 340% risk of autism hidden from the public. 14.08.13-good-sugars-causing-allergies 'GOOD' SUGARS CAUSING ALLERGIES? We have learned that there are differences in sugars. However, could so-called 'good' sugars be causing allergies? 14.08.12-who-approves-untested-vaccinations-for-ebola-patients WHO APPROVES UNTESTED VACCINATIONS FOR EBOLA PATIENTS The WHO says it's okay for drug companies to conduct medical experiments on Ebola patients.
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