Summary: From scrumptious soups to delightful desserts, find healthy vegetarian recipes to meet all your culinary needs.
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Introduction to Vegan Cooking
Not only is vegan cooking possible, it can also be simple and delicious.
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How to stock your pantry
Get some helpful hints on the best ingredients to use in vegetarian cooking.
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305C - Recipes
These recipes from Walter Veith's Life at Its Best DVD #305C: Health and Happiness are sure to please you and your guests.
Granola Lasagna Millet Spread Mock Leberwurst Muesli No-Bake Tofu Cheesecake Nut Mayonnaise Onion Quiche Perfect Whole Wheat Bread Pimento Cream Sauce Savory Spread Soy Waffles Substitute Chocolate Sauce Tofu Mayonnaise Tofu Omelet
Rudy and Jeanie Davis.
Removing the Mystery Behind Disease - Recipes
Rudy and Jeanie Davis share their recipes from their Removing the Mystery Behind Disease series.
Carob Fudge Carrot Sandwich Stuffing Coconut Fudge Creamy Tahini Dressing French Dressing Fruit Pizza Honey-Italian Dressing Italian-Style Pasta Toss October Apple Salad Sunflower Veggie Paté Pizza with Raw Alpine Cheese Raw Apple Pie Raw Oatmeal Porridge Raw Pecan Pie Spanish Rutabaga Rice Sun Garden Burgers Wilted Kale Salad
Healthy from Inside Out - Recipes
Rudy and Jeanie Davis share their recipes from their Healthy from Inside Out series.
Kale Chips Oatmeal Cookies Carrot Cake Buckwheat Granola Quinoa Tabouli Salad No-Bean Hummus with Zucchini Sweet Pea Hummus Oat Burgers
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Beans and Legumes
Beans and legumes are a delicious protein alternative to meats and dairy products.
Bean Medley Boston Baked Beans Sprouted Lentils Brown Rice Methods Bean Stroganoff Garbanzo-a-la-King
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Today's white bread lacks all the nutrients bread should contain. Whole-grain, healthy breads are the better way to go.
Quick Pizzas Tofu Bruschetta June's Cornbread Bagels Campfire Bread Easy No-Knead Raisin Bread Pita Bread Yellow Cornmeal Pizza Crust
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The most important meal of the day, breakfast can also be the most fun.
Breakfast Cereal Baked Oatmeal Corn Butter Creamy Muesli Strawberry, Raspberry or Blueberry Jam Bran Muffins Enchilada Scrambler Scrambled Tofu Rice Pudding Oat Waffles Pear Milk/ Pear Cream Yummy Orange Granola Granola (banana-date) Wheat Berries Poppy Seed Banana Muffins Delicious Millet Maple Millet Baked Maple Nut Kasha Strawberry-Tofu "Yogurt" Sunflower Waffles Top of the Morning Fruit Burritos Two Easy Pancake Recipes Whole Grain Cereal
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Thought you had to give up dessert to live a healthy lifestyle? Think again. These treats will satisfy your sweet tooth and your nutritionist.
Carob Date Frosting Vegan Carob Brownies Applesauce Basic White Cake Basic Cookie Recipe Carob Clusters Carob Fudge Sauce Nearly "Eatmore" Squares Nettie`s Coconut Cream Pie Pumpkin Pudding Coconut Pie Crust Millet Cheesecake Crumb Pastry Berry Topping Easy Pie Crust Pineapple Cheesecake Carob Pie Fruit Crisp Butterscotch Pudding or Pie Almond Clusters Blueberry Crisp Carob Fudge Apple Bread Pudding Apple Fruit Cake Carob Pineapple Brownies Banana Ice Cream Basic Pie Crust Carob Delight Carob-Oat Cookies Coconut Carob Cake Tofu Whipped Topping Milk Tart Pear Cake Peanut Butter Carob Chip Cookies
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Dips, Dressings, and Sauces
Learn how to make quick and healthy fruit- and vegetable-compatible sauces.
Creams and Sauces Dips Dressings
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Drinks, Shakes, and Juices
Try these healthy and delicious alternatives to popular sugary or caffeinated drinks.
Carob Smoothie Caffeine-Free Iced Mocha Cashew or Almond Milk Mango Smoothie Grape and Apricot Iron Drink Nut Milk Old-Fashioned Lemonade Strawberry Smoothie Velvet Green Smoothie Virgin Chi-Chi
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Meat Substitutes and Tofu
Tofu is a very versatile food and is a good stand-by for quick meals.
Baked Tofu Lentil Patties Cashew Rice Loaf Betty`s Gluten Burgers Garbanzo Burgers Tofu Croquettes Walnut Rice Roast Potato Balls Spinach-Tofu Balls Tofu Cottage Cheese
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If you have decided to eliminate butter and margarine from your diet, try these great substitutes.
Creamy Low-Cal Mayonnaise Cashew Pimento Cheese Sunflower Pate Garlic Butter Jack Cheese Tofu Spread Garbanzo Salad Sandwich Spread Almond-Pumpkin Seed Pate Garbanzo (chick pea) Sandwich Spread Better Than Butter Breakfast Butter Quick Blackberry Apple Chia Jam Apple Butter Date Spread Easy Jam Nut Raisin Spread Millet Butter Nut Paté Veggie Spread
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Soups and Stews
Soups are a great way to increase your daily intake of vegetables and legumes.
Black Bean Soup Lentil Stew German Potato Goulash Hearty Mediterranean Soup Split Pea Soup Lentil Rice Tomato Soup Connie's Potato Leek Soup Cream of Broccoli Soup Lentil Leek Soup Vegetable Lentil Soup
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Vegetable Dishes
Spice up your mealtime with these fun and flavorful veggie dishes.
Easy Tamale Pie Greek Salad Fresh Garden Salad Macaroni and Cheese Vegetarian Lasagna Kale Salad Macaroni Salad Fresh Bean Salad Wild Rice Lentil Salad Garden Medley Moussaka Potato Dishes