Dealing with Diseases
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Summary: Find helpful, healthful natural alternatives for dealing with ailments, infection, and disease.
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Try these natural treatments for cancer sores.
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Common Illnesses
It seems like everyone is susceptible to a cold, flu, or scratchy throat from time to time. Discover how fruits, vegetables, and herbs work wonders to treat and prevent these common illnesses.
Treating depression can get complicated. The following list provides some holistic suggestions for dealing with depression to incorporate into your daily routine.
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Digestion and Excretion
Learn how fruits and veggies can help you stay regular.
Stomach and Bowel Disorders
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The fever is perhaps the most overtreated health symptom of all.
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Find out about the common symptoms of menopause and how to control them naturally.
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Muscle and Bone Pain
Arthritis, gout, sore muscles, and aching bones can be remedied with simple and inexpensive plant-based treatments.
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Wounds and External Ailments
Use eucalyptus oil, potatoes, and even cabbage to treat wounds, boils, scar tissue, and pain on the skin.

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