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Summary: Moderate, monitored fasting can be part of a healthy detox regime.
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The 21-Day Program
Here is what you need to do for the 21 days leading up to the fast.
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Foods and Juices that Detoxify the Body Best
Some foods have exceptional health-giving properties.
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Three-Day Water Fast
After 21 days on your healthy eating plan along with regular exercise, you are ready to go on a three-day water fast.
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Different Kinds of Fasting
If you feel you cannot do a water-only fast, consider trying one of these fasts.
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Why Fast?
Why would anyone choose to go without food for any length of time?
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Fasting in the Bible
Perhaps the most well-known story about fasting in the Bible is the story of Jesus fasting in the wilderness. But there are many earlier references to fasting in the Bible.