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Summary: The meaning of "diet" goes beyond eating the ideal foods.
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Introduction to Nutrition
What we eat is important. Most people eat things because they like them. And what's wrong with that? Shouldn't we like the things we eat? Eating often represents good times, friends,...
A Live Food Diet
We are living in a time when only 1.5% of the American population is healthy! The US Public Health Service has acknowledged that only a tiny fraction of Americans have good health. Unfortunately, many Christians are part of the unhealthy group.
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The Vegan-Vegetarian Lifestyle
Will a well-planned, mixed diet, a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is both healthful and rewarding.
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Dietary Patterns for Infants and Young Children
A wholesome vegetarian diet is possible even for children, when the proper nutrients and vitamins are included.
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Eat More Plants
Far from boring, a plant-based diet can be not only good for you, but more delicious than you’ve dared to dream.
Kale is King
Healthy by Nature gives you the information you need for better health through better lifestyle choices.
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Blueberries have been studied for years, and now we are discovering more health benefits from this small superfood!
Diet Drinks
Healthy by Nature gives you the information you need for better health through better lifestyle choices.
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Obesity: The Creeping Epidemic
Obesity is a widespread problem in North America. What can be done?
Protein in the Vegan Diet
It is very easy for a vegan diet to meet the recommendations for protein, as long as calorie intake is adequate. Strict protein combining is not necessary; it is more important to eat a varied diet throughout the day.
Let's Cut the Fat!
It's possible for us to choose a lifestyle free of cholesterol and bad fat. This will lead to longevity.
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Broccoli-Based Medicine
Broccoli: A Potent Tool Against Osteoarthritis and Cancer
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