AD UPDATES:   13.12.11-hal-mayer-presentations-dec-21-2013 HAL MAYER PRESENTATIONS - DEC 21, 2013 Come join us for uplifting presentations by Hal Mayer - Dec 21, 2013. 13.11.07-tom-bentley-seminar-nov-11-13-2013 TOM BENTLEY SEMINAR - NOV 11-13, 2013 Come join us for uplifting 3 Days seminar with Tom Bentley - Nov 11-13, 2013 13.10.25-4-days-seminar-with-wes-peppers 4 DAYS SEMINAR WITH WES PEPPERS Come join us for uplifting 4 Days seminar with Wes Peppers - October 28-31, 2013 13.10.15-statement-of-amazing-discoveries-germany STATEMENT OF AMAZING DISCOVERIES GERMANY Statement of Amazing Discoveries Germany regarding the accusations of anti-semitism in Germany 13.09.25-the-unhindered-gospel-by-daniel-pel THE UNHINDERED GOSPEL BY DANIEL PEL Come join us for uplifting sermons by Daniel Pel live in person on September 30 - October 1, 2013.
Spiritual Deceptions Articles
Unity at All Cost?
Good God, Bad World. Why?
Stigmata - a sign of God or a deception?
  1. Signs of The Second Coming of Christ
  2. Unity among Christians
  3. Wealth Redistribution
Crossing Musical Boundaries
Hell and Purgatory
Unity across Religions
Health Articles
Deathtraps in the Cosmetics we Use
Is a Little Wine Good for the Heart?
Can You Beat the Nicotine?
  1. Poisoned Meats
  2. Excitotoxins
  3. Sugar—Affecting the Body and Mind
Science Articles
Reasons For Extinction
Archaeology Confirms the Bible
Tyre and the Bible