Vegetable Dishes
Summary: Spice up your mealtime with these fun and flavorful veggie dishes.

Vegetable Handling Tips

  • Make sure you wash all vegetables well before placing in plastic bags in the refrigerator. This will wash away surface residues of pesticides and will keep vegetables fresher.
  • Do not over-cook vegetables
  • Try to eat more raw vegetables.
  • Make cooked vegetable dishes palatable with nut or seed sauces.
  • Use sour soy or similar creams as basis for dips for raw vegetables.


Vegetable Recipes

Source: Liz West on Flickr.
Easy Tamale Pie
CC Owen Benson on Flickr
Greek Salad
CC Cindy Kurman, Kurman Photography on Flickr
Fresh Garden Salad
CC Joanna Bourne on Flickr
Macaroni and Cheese
CC Kari Sullivan on Flickr
Vegetarian Lasagna
CC Flavio on Flickr
Kale Salad
CC k4dordy on Flickr
Macaroni Salad
Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble on Flickr
Fresh Bean Salad
CC Sharunas Jurevic on Flickr
Wild Rice Lentil Salad
Source: TheDeliciousLife on Flickr.
Garden Medley
CC Beatrice Murch on Flickr
CC Whitney on Flickr
Potato Dishes
Scalloped Potatos Baked Stuffed Potatoes Eggless Potato Salad Potato Cakes Scalloped Potatoes
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